Wednesday, February 04, 2009

PAWS meeting - Feb 04, 2009

housekeeping things:
1. use tags to represent projects and systems in CiteULike. to keep our publications up-to-date. alternatively, update them on wiki.

Project 1: Personalized Exploratorium for Database Courses
Tag#1: DBExp
Tag#2: QuizGuide
Tag#3: WebEx
Tag#4: SQLKnoT
Tag#5: SQLTutor(If the paper is related to the system or Tanja is involved in the system)

Project 2: Adaptive Explanatory Visualization for Learning Programming Concepts
Tag#1: Adapvisual
Tag#2: cWADEIn
Tag#3: jWADEIn
Tag#4: Problets

Project 3: Supporting Learning from Examples in a Programming Course
Tag#1: ExampleSupport
Tag#2: NavEx
Tag#3: WebEx

Project 4: Map-Based Access to Open Corpus Information
Tag#1: MapAccess
Tag#2: KnowledgeSea2
Tag#3: KnowledgeSea

Project 5: Educational Software for Teaching and Learning Information Retrieval
Tag#1: EduSW

Project 6: Project 6: Individualized Exercises for Assessment and Self-Assessment of Programming Knowledge
Tag#1: IndExe
Tag#2: QuizPack
Tag#3: QuizGuide

Projects which are not listed in neither on Taler nor on Paws.
- QuizJet
- Proactive
- Pittcult (Even this is my personal project, you can decide whether this could be listed on Paws or not)

produce slide presentation which includes good system screenshots.

3. Dhruba presented the workshop paper for IUI conference.
CiteAware: Visual Group Awareness for a Reference Sharing System
Awareness thru visualization removes the hierarchies.
Demo the system, CiteAware.


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