Tuesday, November 11, 2008

paws meeting 11.04.2008

1. guest presenter: Dr.Amir Pourabdollah
Ternary relations model of information management
TRM is a formal description of a technique that establishes bi-directional and dynamic node-link structures in which each link is an ordered triple of some three nodes.
TRM may be used as a tool for the analysis of information models, to elucidate connections and parallels, and as a construction kit to build new paradigms and/or applications in information management.

2. Gustavo Santos
e-Fer - A Web Based Learning Environment for Chronic Wounds

general objective: to develop and train skills for diagnosis and treatment of chronic wounds

so far, focusing on inner loop adaptation. however, it still requires more data(cases) for the adaptation.

could reference to Dr. Crowley's work.


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