Tuesday, November 11, 2008

PAWS group meeting - Nov 11, 2008

Meeting included two presentation by Sharon and Sergey.

First Sharon presented a summary of ICCE 2008 (International Conference on Computer Science Education) that she had attended recently. She focused on papers from the following sub-conferences
AIED/ITS & Adaptive Learning
CSCL & Learning Sciences

She briefly presented 5 papers titled:
  1. "Peer Explanation in Primary Mathematics Learning"
  2. "The design of scaffolding in online peer assessment system for learning programming adaptive peer assessment design"
  3. "Formative Evaluation of the SIETTE collaborative Testing Environment"
  4. "Extension of the educational system that can generate explanation of programs - For handling programs in which pointers are used"
  5. "Web based learning material development with less experineced staffs' participation"

You can check more details about these papers on Sharon's blog.

Second, Sergey presented a paper from recent ICKM'08 conference titled "Peer Production of Structured Knowledge ­- an Empirical Study of Ratings and Incentive Mechanisms".

The paper discusses a rating based incentive mechanism to build large scale ontology trying to address the following problems:
  1. Quality of peer-production
  2. Motivation to contribute
  3. Quality of ratings


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