Wednesday, January 28, 2009

PAWS meeting - Jan 28, 2009

1. Integrating Conceptual and Procedural Instruction for Middle-school Math – A Cognitive Tutoring Approach (Gustavo Santos)

Gustavo presented his course project on integrating conceptual instruction into cognitive tutors which are only based on procedural instruction. They have designed think aloud task analysis to figure out the common errors and common strategies to design the conceptual part of the cognitive model. The task analysis was done with university students. He is going to continue on the project by evaluating the approach with middle school students and adding adaptation into the approach.

His presentation was followed by some interesting discussion on how to add personalization, how to model student's knowledge (conceptual vs procedural) and how to evaluate the approach.

2. Modeling Problem Solving in CUMULATE (Michael Yudelson)
Mike presented his idea on improving knowledge modeling by blending user knowledge from trying examples with knowledge from problem solving. He presented some result on effect of his blending approach on prediction of user knowledge by both CUMULATE and Knowledge Tracing. His results suggest some careful consideration of blending :-)

His presentation was extended with lots of discussion about CUMULATE versus Knowledge Tracing user modeling.
blending examples and problems


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