Friday, November 21, 2008

PAWS Meeting 11/18/2008

Rosta and Dhruba presented some papers from RecSys and InfoVis this year.

RecSys (Rosta)
  • Who predicts better? - talks about whether impersonal recommender systems perform as human recommenders
  • Crafting initial user experience to achieve community goals - talks about the new user activities of recommender systems, including how many new users they lose, how much users will users do, how can they shape ongoing user behavior, etc. 
  • Recommending topics for self descriptions in online user profiles - talks about the user profiles ("about you" entries) in social network sites.
InfoVis (Dhruba)
  • VisGets - a temporal + geographic + tag cloud visualization system for blog and news on the Web.
  • Rolling the dice - the best paper of InfoVis '08. Showed high dimensional data visualization.
  • Who votes for what - an interactive canvas formulating queries (SQL).  Adopts a radial visualization that users can do activities like adding, removing variables, and specifying  values visually.


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