Monday, February 25, 2008

PAWS Meeting 2-20-2008

Danielle presented 2 papers: "Adaptive Faceted Browsing in Job Offers" and "Database Courseware from Kennesaw State University".

The former, it was about we have "too large" cyberspace. We need adaptive tools to help browse this corpus. Adaptive faceted browsing is a good approach. It is not just normal faceted browsing. It can scope down and show related topics in what we are looking for. Its engine comprised 2 parts; user similarity model and global relevance.
From the user study, a number of facets does matter on time user spending on the system along with adaptation feature. In others way, time is not a factor on systems without adaptation or system with recommendation. The user behaviors did the same as time spending. One thing that was not clear was the paper can't tell how much more time spending on the page was good or bad.

The latter, the paper presented database courseware from Kennesaw State University. Their coursewares have both online and offline applications. They presented in animation. It is a good oppurtunity for us to integrate your social navigation toward their applications.



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