Friday, October 12, 2007

PAWS Meeting 10-05-07

The IUI '07 paper "From social bookmarking to social summarization: an experiment in community-based summary generation" by Oisin Boydell and Barry Smyth
presented by Sharon.

Nice paper. Several interesting ideas.
Authors try to generate web-page summaries based on the social tags from
Tags and web-pages themselves are used as input queries for the Lucene snipet generator. The resulting snipets are analyzed and combined to generate a summary of a page.
Four experiment have been done:
1st Experiment compared the closeness of socially-generated summaries to the summaries provided by people on
2nd experiment explored the relation between the quality and the length of social summaries
3d experiment analyzed how the quality of a summary would depend on the number of tags available for the page
finally, in the fourth experiment authors tried to generate the community-focused social summaries.


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