Friday, September 14, 2007

Personal Services - Summer Visiting Researchmanship and Implications for Adapt2.
A group member talked about his one-and-a-half month long stay in Hannover, Deutschland. While there they worked on personalization component of the Personal Reader application. The presentation is available at PAWS Website. That work (as far as the minutes sindicator understood) focused (at least partially) on bringing a common communication layer to all services responsible for generating the content of an adaptive information access system. The choice the designers made was RDF and RSS. More details in the presentation slides. The presenter also showed a few nice pictures from Hanover.

Paper Summaries Repository
A discussion on paper summarizing and sharing was initiated. Given the choices, majority of people wanted to use CiteULike. Member would be storing summaries in a separate instance, perhaps a web log. No one objected avoiding Google as a web log provider in order to screen them from yet another piece of sensitive personal information they collecting every second.


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