Friday, September 14, 2007

20070914 PAWS meeting: Ontology-based Annotation

Ontology-based Annotation by Sergey Sosnovsky

provide semantic annotations
knowledge sharing
indexing by human

using ontology on applications
definition: creating a markup of web documents using a pre-existing ontology and/or populating knowledge bases by marked up documents.

important characters: automation;format; languages; etc.

SMORE by UMaryland:
it does extract data from documents, but it still replies on human to edit and index the concepts.
but there are problems of manual Annotation, eg. time, expensive, storage, trust
solution: search engine like annotation service

O-based Annotation:
supervised: eg. MnM, human user can accept or reject the annotation.
unsupervised: eg. Amilcare;Annie; T-REX; Pankow: use the templates and query them from google, and collect the hits
SemTag(by IBM): it extracts a huge amount of webpages, automatically get a huge amount of disambiguated semantics tags
it's a necessary thing
manual is bad, automatic is good

-2006 AAAI paper, there's a work, codes&errors, the value of mining the database? what's the relation btw this and the C parser? (C parser is not the annotation, it's the formal structured grammar)
-common sense is certainly more than grammar

Adaptation Hypermedia Technology <--------------------> simple key words
(meaningful concepts)
we can consider to use meaningful parsers and other technology mentioned earlier in this talk to bridge these two.


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