Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Eva Millan Presenting at SIS.Pitt

Today Eva Millan, professof from Malaga visiting SIS presented her work on:
Intelligent web-based tools to support e-learning

In this talk I intend to present some of the work being developed by the (ia)2 group at Malaga University, Spain. To this end, I will present two of the systems I have been working on lately. One of them is TAPLI, which is an adaptive web-based learning environment for Linear Programming, composed of a set of adaptive tools: a) an adaptive hypermedia component, that is responsible of presenting contents; b) a testing component, and c) a drill-and-practice component, which automatically generates problems and coaches students while solving them. The other tool is a log analyzer that has been developed and integrated into Moodle by means of web-services. This log analyzer allows to infer the the behavior of a learning community. The inference is supported by a Bayesian Network Model. The indicators are automatically computed from the logs, and used as evidence for the Bayesian Network, which computes the posterior probabilities and uses them to generate a natural language representation for the teacher to learn whether the students divided work, coordinated, cooperated or collaborated during the course.

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