Friday, May 04, 2007

Jae-Wook Ahn, "Open User Profiles for Adaptive News Systems: Help or Harm?"

System YourNews, RSS feed aggregator, aggregates 60 feeds. Traces user model. 6 news categories. UI lists news items and open user model (keywords). Open UM is editable, users can enter their own keywords.
Personalization - filtering, tf-idf, importance of the keyword weighting.
Focus of the study - open user model. Viewing and manipulation of the keywords of interest. Does editable user model help or harms users.
Study design: task oriented, 10 subjects, 2 news topics, 2 usage sessions, find news relevant to topics. User activity has been logged. Results of news search were compared to results collected by experts.
User feedback. System performance depends on news topic. Experimental system was better received. Keyword adding dropped from session 1 to session 2.
Conclusions. Open user models could harm. Experimental system showed higher trust.


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