Monday, March 26, 2007

Group Meeting March 23, 2007

First Presenter: Michael Yudelson
Topic: Digital Object Repositories centered on FEDORA

Michael presented digital object repositories centered on FEDORA. The digital object can have data stream and data stream has its own disseminator that operates on contents type. There was a debate about defining digital object. In our systems, specific quiz can be a digital object and the function of disseminator is to create and display contents. He also introduced FEDORA and it makes possible to store and discover by indexing digital objects.

In terms of collaborating and managing learning contents, FEDORA can be helpful.
Beyond Fedora how we can all objects with navigation support and handle digital object user-adaptively is our problem to solve.

Second Presenter: Jaewook Ahn
Topic: Personalized search and visualization for YourNews

Jaewook presented some newly added functions in his YourNews system. The system has short-term and long-term user profile and generates user profile by observing user’s actual view. It adds top five keywords in entire user profile to every query and Rosta pointed that there is some possibility to lose user’s intention by disrupting their point of view. Dr. Brusilovsky added that query expansion is good technique but we should be careful when apply it to system. In long-term model, the range of focus can be sparse than short-term model, hence it can be meaningful to cluster data in long-term model into meaningful group.


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