Tuesday, September 02, 2008

PAWS Meeting 2008-09-02

Inaugural meeting for the Fall 2008 series

Jaewook presenting 4 of his systems:
- YourNews
- YourSports
- TaskSieve
- NameSieve

YourNews. News aggregator. Open user modeling. Short/Long-term model based on sessions and time. Allows individual feeds and tabs of feeds to be added, keyword-based user model allows addition/removal of keywords for user model fine tuning.

YourSports. A clone of YourNews for news related to 3 major US sports: baseball, football, and hockey.

TaskSieve. Task related news exploration. Based on TDT4 data set. No personalization. Note-taking for specific tasks.
NameSieve. Based on TDT4 data set with respect to 4W(who, what, where, when). Utilizes external name entity extractors.



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