Friday, February 16, 2007

PAWS Meeting 2007-02-16

1. First Paper
Rosta presented a paper "Accurately Interpreting Clickthrough Data as Implicit Feedback". The authors investigate users' behavior given a Web search task. The data collected involved eye-tracking data. Questions that the paper addresses are:

- Which links do users click (as opposed to only look at)?
- What does each click mean (does it mean?
- Do users scan top to bottom?
- Which links do they evaluate before clicking?

2. Second Paper
Danielle presented a peper "ResultMaps: Search Result Visualization for Hierarchincal Information Spaces". This visualization is based on a Treemap. It presents search results in the context of full information space. A "global" ResultMap is showed next to regular textual list of search results. Each textual result can be expanded to see its contribution to the "global" ResultMap (a "local" ResultMap is presented). Each ResultMap presents resources of different type (e.g. article, lecture, video) with different color. The sizes of map cells does not carry any information. User performance evaluation and enhencements of the representation is on the authors future research agenda.

3. Housekeeping
We discussed reviving our Wiki. The proposed structure looks as follows:

Relevant Groups
PhD Theses
Opprtunities (Companies, Jobs etc.)
Community Services (Tools etc.)

Jae-wook will create the structure. All PAWS members are responsible for adding content relevant to their area of focus. We may assign people responsible to different categories later.


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