Tuesday, November 14, 2006

PAWS Meeting 2006-11-06

InfoVis '06

Peter introduced InfoVis '06 conference. While we consider using the toolkits and resources announced there, we can think about,

1) How to make visualization adaptive and use in our context?
2) We have lots of approaches but same set of users. How can we apply visualization in this environment?

Bayesian Nets

Tomek presented two papers on Bayesian networks.

1. "Distributed Bayesian Networks for User Modeling". Roberto Tedesco,
Peter Dolog, Wolfgang Nejdl, and Heidrun Allert

2. "Intelligent Bayesian agent as a facilitator in e-Learning". Maomi
Ueno and Toshio Okamoto

Basically BN can be used as modeling tools in that it is transparent and easier to be generalized. The first article talked about BN based user models, which exist over several distributed Web based adaptive eLearning applications and can be merged into a global user profile.
The second paper introduced an approach which provides students with motivational messages, so that the drop out rate of them greatly decreased. It also adopted BN and the performance was better than other similar ones such as decision trees. This paper was quite controversial in that there was too high advance in drop out rate (what if giving random messages?) A possibility of confirmation bias was pointed out and the variables, learning time/access time might have been weak as evidences to support the conclusion.

Social Navigation for ELearn Schedule

Rosta introduced a system for community based searching, navigation, and scheduling. It was built upon the corpus from CACM and the accessible URL is as follows.



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