Monday, November 27, 2006

PAWS Meeting 2006-11-27

1. Ion Juvina's presentation

Title: "Model-based Highlighting to Support Selective Reading on the Web"

Ion Juvina, a post-doctoral fellow at CMU, Psychology Department, ACT-R Group, gave a talk about his dissertation work. He talked about a series of studies on Web goal-oriented behavior he and his colleagues run. In each of them the task users faced was to find goal-relevant information on a series of real Web sites.

In the first study they identified spatial abilities as the best predictor of performance. They controlled for many confounding factors, e.g. working memory capacity, text comrehension and processing speed. They also found spatial abilities to negatively correlate with amount of navigation needed (revisits, back button usage, etc.). They proposed some changes to CoLiDeS model. They found the new model (CoLiDeS+) to perform better, but not significantly.

The second study involved presenting voice suggestions to users (generated by the model), e.g. "Click link X". They found it significantly improving performance of non-spatial users.

The third study involved visual annotation of links the model recognized as goal-relevant. They found that these suggestions helped to increase performance.

The fourth study attempted to test the above ideas on visually impaired users. Again, they found spatial abilities to be a significant predictor of performance. They didn't find any effect of suggestions.

2. Michael's CoPE functionalities update

Additionally to all absolutely stunning features the system had before, now everyone can:

- get system's help with adding authors of a paper
- search papers


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