Monday, October 30, 2006

PAWS Meeting 2006-10-30

Discussion of Central Login for PAWS Adaptive applications

Centralized login is an analog of .Net Passport. There exists a unified storage of identities (here user identities) that applications refer to and rely on when it comes to registration of new users and authentication o existing.

Motivation for the centralization of a login
- a lot of users use multiple applications but have separate logins for them
- maintaining user identities at the site of each application is costly and ineffective

User identity is not user model/profile, user application specific data about user is not a part of identity

User Identity fields
  • Mandatory fields
    • Name: Last, Given
    • Login
    • Password
  • Recommended
    • email
    • gender
  • Optional
    • Organization/Affiliation
    • City + State (Region outside U.S.)
    • ZIP (Postal code)
    • Country
    • Comments (How did you hear about us, etc)

Incorporating group and group membership information has been postponed till further more thorough discussion.

Planned course of action
- developers should provide their user identity data for future merger
- identity data should be retrieved from Central User Identity Store and not from a local application
- conflicts in user names should be resolved in an organized fashion when needed
- interface of interaction with User Identity store to be presented later


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