Saturday, October 25, 2008

PAWS Meeting 10-21-2008

The presenter of this week was Tomek. He talked about "TEPR" based on the paper "Measuring the Task-Evoked Pupillary Response with a Remote Eye Tracker". Couple experiments of TEPR were discussed:
  • Mental multiplication
  • Short-term memory
  • Aural vigilance

Some issues of remote ETs were proposed by Sergey and Michael. Michael brought up a question "why not applying remote ET study by using webcam?" But for pupillary dialation, webcam is not good for that.

Reminder : no meeting next week (10/28/2008)

Saturday, October 04, 2008

PAWS Meeting 09-23-2008

The speaker of this meeting was Rosta. The main theme was tagging and some of the subtopics were:

  • Ranking in folksonomies
  • Tag recommendation
  • Resource recommendation
There was a brief comparison between Google adapted page rank algorithm and the folkrank algorithm in the beginning of the presentation. Seems that folkrank is able to do a better job. Daniele raised the question about the applicability of TF/IDF in large amounts of text.

Rosta presented the Dogear game, a game that uses human intelligence to acquire some metadata about pictures and finished the presentation making some reference to the tag cloud tool Wordle.