Monday, November 12, 2007

PAWS Meeting 11-9-07

Two visitors from OPen Adaptive Hypermeida group, Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, Javier Bravo and Manuel Freire introduced the research projects and discussed about how OPAH and PAWS can collaborate.

Brief descriptions of the projects introduced among a lot of them are as follows.

* Wotan - an adaptive hypermeida course system
* WotEd - Authoring tool for Wotan, based on a graph visualization framwork, CLOVER
* SimuLog - supports authors to test the evaluation tool and helps detect anomalous patterns
* ASquare - Author Assistant, provides high level abstraction using mining tools and helps instructors.
* Willow - mining tool using concept map and histograms, makes use of free text questions and answers from instructors.

In terms of PAWS collaborations, following issues were discussed.

1. Platforms
- Wotan as an activity for the KT ecosystem (or as a portal to enable acess to KT activities)
- Future UM testing/datamining
- Sharing user model between CUMULATE and Wotan UM with name space sharing/mapping

2. Technology
- Graph visualization, Plagiarism detection (novelty detection), Similarity visualization, Free-text question grading