Wednesday, March 19, 2008

PAWS Meeting 3-19-2008

Javier presented his work on data mining. It looked exactly like below:

var p = new Presentation();
p.setTitle("How can help Data Mining tool to the instructors?");


while (p.hasMoreSlides()) {
var s = p.getCurrSlide();


Very briefly, Javier talked about:
  • His view on the structure of the course
  • Anomalies in the log files
  • His choice of visualizing them for the instructor (classification trees)
  • SimuLog -- a student activity log generator
  • His plans for his stay here

Jae-Wook showed a new version of YourNews system featuring three customizable tabs.

Monday, March 03, 2008

PAWS Meeting 2-20-2008

Mike presented the project he participated in while working with ITS group at UPMC. The project resulted in the UMUA paper.

SliceTutor is tutoring system helping medical doctors to learn making a diagnosis on the basis of a tissue samples.
The main goal of the project was to evaluate multiple cognitive models and test corresponding approaches of user modeling data aggregation. The predictive validity of resulting user models was compared using several metrics. The metrics themselves were also analyzed.
The main contributions of the project are:
- the argumentation in favor of curve-based vs point-based metrics for evaluating user models;
- recommendations for the improvement of the classical model tracing algorithm, and
- a good practice of exhaustive analysis of the diversity of user models that could be derived from a single initial data set of raw usage transactions.